New Seco Niagara Cutter 5-flute End Mill Delivers Extreme Versatility

Product Flyer Introduction Video

The most recent addition to the expanded Niagara Cutter™ Stabilizer™ product family, the ST540 5-flute end mill raises the bar in terms of performance and versatility. The STS540, STSN540, STR540, STRN540 and STRCS540 family of solid carbide end mills offers complete solutions for machining processes ranging from slot milling to side mill finishing as well as those involving up to 40 percent radial stepovers for fast material removal thanks to strong cutting edges and full eccentric reliefs.

In addition to smaller diameter tools for high-performance milling and 140 new inch sizes, including a new necked version for long-reach applications, the expansion also includes advanced helical chip splitters developed by Niagara Cutter™ to ensure good chip evacuation in even the most challenging applications. An innovative offset design ensures superior surface finishes and makes for an all-in-one end mill solution that can handle both roughing and finishing operations and is equally effective in all material types, from steel to cast iron and stainless steels to superalloys.