New Concepts in Milling Handbook
A practical approach and illustrated guide to milling cutter selection and use
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Selection of Speeds and Feeds and Cutting Tool Materials
A definition of the formation of the chip, chemical composition of cutting tool materials and engineering charts for setting of speed and feed for a variety of materials

Cutting Speeds and Feeds
Machinability Ratings of Materials
Selecting Speed in (SFM) Surface Feet Per Minute
Selecting Feed in Chip Load per Tooth
Selection of High Speed Steels
Selection of Carbide Grades
Cutting Tool Geometry
Cutting Tool Failures

Determine the specific chip load per tooth for the material to be machined from the Machinability Charts on pages 23-26. If the chip load per tooth is .004 at the top of the chart, and there are 32 teeth in the cutter, the correct feed rate is .128 per revolutions of the cutter. If the correct speed in revolutions per minute is 88, multiply 88 x .128 = 11.2. Set the milling machine feed in inches per minute to 11.2.