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High performance tools are a solution specialized for material-specific machining applications where performance is key. Some of our heavy hitters include the Stabilizer™ 2.0 with extreme metal removal rates, the Multi Flute for optimized roughing, and the true high feed cutter, the SN200/400/500R.

The high performance Elite Series for aluminum and non-ferrous end mills have an engineered flute Shape designed for maximum rigidity, maximum chip space, and maximum consistency beyond traditional manufactured designs. In addition, the cylindrical margin on the O.D. relief helps reduce horizontal milling lines and keeps chatter and annoying squeal to a minimum.

Our Cemented Carbide Quality

Niagara Cutter uses an "extra fine" grain-cemented carbide raw material that is a true sub-micron grain tungsten carbide alloy. It's classified within the C1 to C4 range, and has an excellent combination of strength and toughness. Raw materials with unique properties and high purity ensure Niagara Cutter's consistent high quality. Specifically designed for machining aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and exotic alloy materials.

Niagara Cutter Solid Carbide Properties

CO 10%
Grain Size 0.8 um
Hardness (Hv) 1600
(Hra) 92.1
TRS (PSI) 623,000
USA Class C2-3

A245 / A345

Get Aggressive In Aluminum

Introducing the new and improved A245/345 product families from Niagara Cutter, a Seco Tools company. These tooling solutions have been redesigned to reduce power consumption and improve chip evacuation in aluminum machining applications.
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Stabilizer™ 2.0

Double your Feed Rate

As industry game changers, the Niagara Stabilizer 2.0 next-generation – STR430 and STR440 Series – solid-carbide end mills offer metal removal rates double those of their predecessors. Also, with twice the chip load capacity, the new versions shorten part machining cycle times and further boost productivity.
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Multi Flute

High Speed Optimized Rouging. Smoother, Faster, Stronger.

The introduction of the Niagara Cutter™ Multi Flute range of products has been one of the most successful product families to be launched in Niagara's history. Because of this success, Niagara Cutter is now expanding the range...
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SN200R / 400R / 500R

High Feed Milling that Pushes the Limit

New 2-, 4- and 5-flute options allow parts manufacturers in industries like aerospace and medical to achieve maximum productivity on face, slot and select plunge milling operations.
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Diamond Coated

The Solution for Machining Advanced Abrasive Materials

The challenge of the materials revolution is that the parts are often more difficult to machine due to their extreme hardness and abrasiveness. Diamond is the material of choice for machining non-ferrous metals, ceramics and composites.

Diamonds unique hardness makes it more resistant to abrasive wear than any other cutting tool material. In addition, high chemical stability and the resulting low affinity to non-ferrous materials as well as the low coefficient of friction helps slow the formation of built-up edges.

DP DiamondPlus™ CVD Diamond

Diamond coating offers a new level of wear protection and performance. DiamondPlus coating combines micro and nano-crystalline diamond coatings into one super hard layer.